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2bobmob: Who About Nominate
Find out about the 2bobmob.

About the 2bobmob

What is the 2bobmob?
The 2bobmob are a bunch of Aussie DSLs (Dead Set Legends) who have agreed to give up a small amount of their busy lives each month to provide their 2bob’s worth (critical appraisal) of your creative work.
You’ll probably have noticed there are eight basic categories on 60Sox into which you can allocate your work.  Across each of these categories are six 2bobmobsters who are experts in this category. 

How can I get my stuff in front of the 2bobmob?
There are two ways you can get your work in front of the 2bobmob. 

1. Peer Ratings
Every piece of work on 60Sox invites peer ratings. These rating are cumulative so we know at any point which stuff is getting popular attention. Each month, four of the most popular pieces of work from each category is tagged for review.
2. Site Curators
Because we all know that popularity doesn’t define quality, the 60Sox team will check out work across the network and identify pieces that deserve recognition and add these into the group for review.
We liken this process as having a little fan at the bottom of a fish tank which stirs up the waters and allows juicy morsels from all categories and across all genres to get their piece of time on the surface. 

What can 2bobmob do for you?
We’ve spoken to heaps of people like yourself and we know that getting quality feedback from people have made it in the relevant creative areas is GOLD.
We hope that this feedback will help you think about what else you might have to do with your skills to either make you more employable or start your own business. 

How is feedback delivered?
If your piece of work gets the nod and receives feedback from the 2bobmob, their comments will automatically be displayed immediately beneath where your work is displayed on the network.
You have the ability to leave it for all to see or to make the comments viewable only to yourself for quiet introspection.     

Who are the 2bobmob?
Given our faced-paced world and its commercial demands, we anticipate our active 2bobmobsters will change from time to time. Click here to see who are current 2bobmobsters are.