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michellevandermeer said: 08 April 2009

Great colour, great texture, great style. Only comment is to perhaps tighten up the kerning, especially between the 'P', 'R' and 'E' which feels a bit loose looking at it.

michellevandermeer said: 08 April 2009

It's nice to see some decks designed for the gals. I like these stylised patterns, and especially the combination of solid areas and outlined areas which gives the designs some visual complexity, moreso than if it was all just solid filled-in areas.
If I was into skateboarding at all, I'd be going for the b+w one in the middle.

michellevandermeer said: 08 April 2009

It's clean, it's readable, it's using a nice bold colour palette with a good solid header and easily distinguished floating blocks of information.
Some of the finer details need attention though: why are there dollar signs at the end of the dish desriptions? Why is the word MENU made up of 2 different fonts? The 3 pictures could be angled a little less dramatically, and placed so that the first one isn't visually infringing on the Felix logo (which has a kinda 80s feel to it with that funky striding guy as the 'X').
Good effort, needs a bit of refinement is all.

michellevandermeer said: 08 April 2009

Yeh, really nice and architectural. I like 'em both. Great use of dynamic layout using big + small elements cleverly. Check out that page furniture! Great bold images, and nicely paired with clean type. Good job, I'm impressed.

michellevandermeer said: 08 April 2009

The combined 'N' and 'K' is sweet, and I love the 'R', but there's something about that 'A' that's just not looking right. Is it too skinny? Is it too cramped against the other letters? Is its triangular angles just not quite the right shape to match the other letterforms? It's just that 'A' that's really bothering me here...

michellevandermeer said: 08 April 2009

Hmmm, yes, very private girls' school indeed...
Nice pattern, definitely. And I like that you've used two different silhouette profiles (or at least offset them so they look different) and didn't just lazily mirror them.
I thought the striped bar at the top looks a little ABC test-pattern, and could have been more interesting if inspired by school uniform striping instead (interpret that as you will). I found the serifed type a bit off-putting, and maybe there's a better font choice here that'd sit better with the nice script font? But the clean open layout has been handled well.
Hope those girls kiss and make up soon...

michellevandermeer said: 08 April 2009

Nice dynamic layout and great use of typography. I especially like how you've used the classic + elegant hierarchy of BIG title, medium-size subheading, followed by the body copy, which leads the reader gently and easily into the article. While I love the illustration of the octopus, I thought that it was a little at odds with the title 'Throw Poo' as I'd more readily associate a land-based animal with throwing poo than an aqautic one (I can't believe I'm really having this conversation...). And with the 'KING' part of the title highlighted in red, perhaps the illustration could have been a lion instead? But hey, I can't read the article in the little image I am viewing, so maybe you have a reason for the octopus, who knows. I also thought that you probably didn't really need to include the part-circle, and could have left this as nice negative space instead, to visually balance out with the neg space above the title. Last thought: really liked the restrained monochrome(ish) colour scheme - works well with the illustrations.

jasonstark said: 12 October 2008

First up, big kudos for doing something as elementary as a gas tank game prop. I'm always telling people to focus more and you've done just that. It shows that you're not afraid to work on the less glamourous parts of game production which is always appreciated when we're sifting through show reels.

It would be nice to see the wireframe, the texture and the UV layout as well.

Simple but good.

jasonstark said: 12 October 2008

Very good.

Like Frollop said, some of the info could have been presented a bit better.

There's a kind of weird bit at the start when it transitions from concentric circles but that's nit picking really.

Great work - I don't know how you non-computer people do it.

jasonstark said: 12 October 2008

First up, nice lighting. Second up, nice sense of space. You've obviously got a decent sense of asthetic. You're clearly heading in the right direction.


While everything about the image is okay, it lacks any stand-out features.

If you're aiming for the games industry as a level modeller, it would be good to either show a wireframe or give a poly count or both. Clean topology is crucial to winning you a job. And show more of the area. A level builder is skilled at creating big areas that flow together well - you'd have to either show a fly-through video or a series of images.

If you're aiming for the film or TV industry I'd want to see some more challenging shapes being attempted. Show off some intricate buttresses or gargoyles. While your image is nice, you're forms aren't that difficult to create.

If you're wanting to impress with your design, it's a bit bland and samey. The jagged gate design doesn't quite gel with the smooth forms of the surrounding area. If you're not going for a design position, feel free to find some real-life reference and duplicate that. Find something detailed that really lets you show off your skills as a modeller. Demonstrating an ability to replicate an image in 3d impresses.

Your texturing is maybe your weakest area. Either hunt down some texturing tutes or don't worry about it and focus on your strengths. Don't worry about doing everything great, just make sure you can do one thing really well.

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