Helping Aust/NZ creatives get exposure, feedback and work


60Sox - doin' stuff since 1491

On one hand there’s a lot of people in Aust/NZ who want to earn money through their creativity. On the other, industry is constantly on the look out for great new creative talent. It's in the middle that 60Sox sits.

For emerging creative practitioners:

  • self-publish your work to your own online gallery
  • swap constructive feedback with your peers/ hone your skills
  • get personal advice from industry leaders
  • learn more about the industry you want to get into
  • be inspired by other creative works
  • respond to real creative briefs
  • collaborate with people from Aust/NZ on new work
  • present your work at exhibitions/screenings
  • industry contacts, commercial experience and work

For industry professionals:

  • get the best work in your field sent to your inbox each month
  • see what’s hot across a broad spread of creative disciplines
  • find people in your city with the talents you need
  • get higher profile for your organisation
  • learn more about your industry
  • get access to research exclusive to 60Sox

Showcasing original creativity across a broad spectrum, this not-for-profit network is designed to help people:

  • get exposure for their work
  • get constructive feedback from peers and industry experts (see the 2bobmob)
  • get industry contacts, commercial experience and work


Who we are:

60Sox is a collaboration between:

  • Institute for Creative Industries and Innovation (iCi) at QUT
  • Australian Research Council (ARC)
  • South Australian Government - DFEEST / TAFESA
  • Queensland Government - DETA & Dept of Premier's & Cabinet
  • Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA)
  • Billy Blue College of Design (link)
  • Southbank Institute of Technology (link)



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