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Fine Young Folk

Fine Young Folk
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Soxter Feedback
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michellevandermeer 08 Apr, 09 @ 09:15 AM  
Love it! Has a very Feist flavour, and this is a good thing. The album graphic suits nicely too.
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maverick 20 Mar, 09 @ 10:11 AM  
Nice one Lucy! It's sounding great.
58 sox
shinypants 09 Oct, 08 @ 02:07 PM  
that was really cool... so happy :) well done indeed
54 sox
dasha 23 Sep, 08 @ 09:19 PM  
Beautiful voice and music, thank you very much for your work, enjoyed it a lot!
55 sox
zenstick 01 May, 08 @ 06:02 PM  
Sweet sweet tune! Nice work :)
59 sox
travelmedia 12 Mar, 08 @ 04:16 PM  
just excellent... simply excellent
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rine24 28 Dec, 07 @ 07:18 AM  
I've always believed that a great song is one that can keep your attention all the way through, wanting to hear what will happen next. You've definately acheived this, I love this track.
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jizzness 23 Dec, 07 @ 09:31 AM  
I agree with why-yarn. This track is brimming with charm, and ive been seduced to say the least. Kinda reminds me of missy higgins... great work!
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57 sox
rryyaann 06 Dec, 07 @ 05:12 PM  
wow, this is fantastically fun. i wish i could give constructive feedback here.
if anything, the chords are obviously repetitive - but for me, thats half the charm!! >there's alot of love here.
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