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60Sox Licensing / Copyright

Copyright Infringement 

As per the terms of 60Sox, members may only upload content to the site if they own 100% of it or have express permission to use someone else's work. (This includes stuff like the backing music track of an animation). If you find content on the site which you think breeches copyright licencing, we urge you to advise The 60Sox Team through the Dodgy button which is displayed on each individual item's display page in the top right corner, or alternatively, you can contact our copyright officer at ''. Please be as specific as possible when explaining why you think the content in question breeches copyright and we'll do our best to look into it as soon as possible. Anyone found repeatedly uploading material infringing copyright will have their 60Sox membership cancelled. A simple rule to follow concerning material that isn't yours - "when in doubt, leave it out". 


Dodgy Button

As per the Terms of 60Sox, members are forbidden to send or upload anything abusive, threatening, defamatory, vilifying, harassing, obscene, offensive, or otherwise wrongful or illegal to the network or to other 60Sox members. 60Sox has been created as a space where creative people can share ideas, learn new skills and better their prospects of getting employment in their chosen creative fields. We are all a big bunch of mates and here to help each other.  

The Dodgy button is a precious element of 60Sox. 60Sox is user moderated. This means the community within 60Sox acts as the arbitrator as to what content is acceptable on the site. If you find material on 60Sox which you believe is inappropriate, we urge you to let The 60Sox Team know through the Dodgy button which you'll find in the top right-hand corner of on the individual item display page. (Only members of 60Sox can flag an item as inappropriate). 

Please be as specific as possible about what you find inappropriate about the piece of work in question and the 60Sox Team will look into it. We appreciate your help. If a single item attracts 3 'Dodgy Alerts', an automatic email will be sent to the member in question advising them that the piece is temporarily removed from the live site and the Site Administrators will decide upon the item's appropriateness. If deemed inappropriate, it'll be removed permanently from 60Sox, or if deemed OK, it'll be re-deployed. If a single member has 3 pieces of work removed from 60Sox through this process (as outlined above), the member's account will be reviewed.  

Importantly, be careful not to misuse this function. Obviously not all material across the network will appeal to everyone, so only flag material which you really have a problem with (not just stuff you don't like).


Default Creative Commons Licence

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Australia 2.5

On 60Sox we have set a default Creative Commons Licence of “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Australia 2.5”. This licence will be applied to all material uploaded to the network unless the member selects a different licence for their work. In simple terms this licence means that people are allowed to copy/remix your work as long as they give you attribution when they post it publicly again, don’t use it for commercial gain and share it back with the community under the same licence as they received it.

It is really simple for a member to select a different licence for their work (including ‘All Rights Reserved’ / ‘100% copyright’) when they first join the site, at anytime through their profile page and we check every time a new piece of material is uploaded to the site what licence the owner would like to apply.  


Creative Commons General Info

For those of you who don’t know much about Creative Commons yet, we recommend you check it out. There are several sites around the world where you can find out information, but we suggest you start with and Australia's very own

Creative Commons is a nonprofit that offers a flexible copyright for creative work. They offer a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors and artists. They have built upon the “all rights reserved” of traditional copyright to create a voluntary “some rights reserved” system.

Because the 60Sox project has several partners, we won’t lay down any specific opinion about the Creative Commons movement (we don’t want to talk for others) but the network does endorse its use by creators of all digital media.