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“The Honcho” (a mythical spokesperson requisite for any web community) will keep you and yours Soxily informed. The Honcho welcomes questions, advice, feedback, recipes …


mega runs again in Melbourne and Sydney

Free info night - July 9th

If you've gota concept for a mobile-based piece of content, app, product or service but haveno idea how to get it to market, the megacrew are holding an info night where three successful dudes have taken theirvapour-ware to cold hard cash will tell you how they did it.

mega is a program which involves a whole swag ofAustralia topsest (as in, the best) creative, technical and businesspractitioners and takes people with mobile ideas through a series ofindustry-led workshops honing the idea, making it commercial ready and thenputting them in front of folk with loads of cash to hand over to the rightidea.

Want the bestchance to get ahead in the mobile content / applications market? mega is, um, well ... mega. Applications for the program close July24th.

See for moredetails. Word. 



The 48 Hour Film Project(Melbourne)

Guys - if you live in oraround Melbourneand interested in film, you should definitely check this out. Pia, the dude whocame with this cer-azy idea (I'm pleased to say) is a buddy of mine and she'sfantastic. I guarantee involvement will be unreal.

Here's her message: 

Hello my Friends of Films & Festivals, 

Film Maker, Film Lover, Film Maniacs, 

Famous and Funny Freaks!


Its time to announce the most artisticsustainable complicated 

bureaucratic overwhelming sweaty systematic sleepless&

exhausting audio visual ShortFilm Competition 

that just settles down in Melbourne.


The 48 Hour Film Project


A time-based film competition that will challenge ALL OFYOU

(and I am saying that because I mean I want ALL OF YOU totake part!)

to make a short film in 48 Hours.



Because it will be heaps of fun, no sleep, a totallyunforgettable time -- and I am one of the Producers. 

Which means - you will all win : -))    -- notnecessarily the main prizes, but my personal love :-)


So check out our new & fantastic website formore detailled information & 

come next FRIDAY, September 26th to our CREATIVEMARKET at ACMI Function Space.

Thats the chance to find out everything about the 48 HourFilm Project, meet all the other interested film makers -- and have a drinkwith me :-))


Love & Love,

Want to see you there - bring your masterpieces with you(on ipods or put them online, we have got some wireless connections) 

so you can present youself to the others - and possiblyform a random team!


More love love,






Get amongst it, Soxters and be sure to upload anything youdo through this to our beloved 60Sox and it could get infront of some of Australia’sexpert film dudes…



Do You Yahoo!?
Sie sind Spam leid? Yahoo! Mail verfügt über einen herausragenden Schutz gegenMassenmails.  


 July 08

Hands-up who wants a job! 

Got great creative skills and wantto impart your wisdom? 

Billy Blue College of Design is looking for three new lecturersto start this semester (July 21st). In case you don’t know, BillyBlue completely, fully rocks and has been a leader in creative industrieseducation for the past 20 years (and … the staff there are great – and thestudents fight tooth and nail to get in, so you’ll in good company). 

Here’s what they’re after: 

Advanced Diploma 2nd year 4thsemester (Vocational)
Advertising Communications

Associate Degree 1st year 2nd semester (Higher Ed)
Language of Typography
Models of Studio practice

Bachelor Degree 3rd year 5th and 6th semester (Higher Ed)
Design for Production
Design for Business Strategy
Publication Design

In the Vocational subjects lecturers require Certificate IV in workplacetraining
and the Higher Ed subjects a Bachelor Degree (or equivalent). 

For more info, get on Head ofCollege, Andrew Barnum quick sticks (tellthem 60Sox sent you and get a free ice-cream!) J


OK - it's official60Sox helps people get jobs!! (Hooray!)

One of the chiefmotivations behind setting up 60Sox was to help creative people in Australia getheightened exposure of their skills. Behind the scenes, the 60Sox Team havebeen bringing 60Sox to the attention of business networks all over Australia andour toils seem to be working! 

We've had feedback from a number ofpeople who say their work has been noticed on 60Sox and through ourcommunications facilities (or 'Hub of Luv' to be a tad less formal), peoplehave been able to get directly in touch with our network members and offer themwork. So far we know people who have got gigs in photography, web design,graphic design, writing and even video production. Other members have beeninvited to include their work in art exhibitions and on other arts-relatedwebsites. This makes us feel nice (like chenille), andwe're über stoked. If you've got any stories of connections made through 60Sox(like people finding jobs) *p l e a s e* let us know ... 


Musos listen up! Musicadium ishere...

If you don't yet know aboutMusicadium, you do now. These guys are cool and based in our own wide-brownland – in fact in a lovely and dynamic little city called Brisbane, you know the one, where the canetoads come from (and XXXX). 

With digital being the fastestgrowing delivery channel for music, gone are the days where artists are forcedto rely on major record labels in order to make a living.  By joiningMusicadium artists are taking an important step in their sustainability. 

What Musicadium does:

 ·         Uploads your release (album/EP/single) worldwide on iTunes, emusic and Amazonmp3.

 ·         100% royalties back to you, Musicadium takes no cut of royalties.

 ·         Enables you to access to promotional opportunities on each of the outlets.

 ·         Charges only an upload fee and an annual renewal fee.

 ·         Providesyou a barcode if you need one.

And best of all, you retain 100% ofyour song sales. That means you will get roughly 99c for every song you sell oniTunes, emusic and Amazon mp3 (which is where these guys distributethrough).  Keep in mind that most signed bands get about 12c in the dollarfor their CD sales and you'll realise how good this deal is for independentmusic. Musicadium's distribution deal is non-exclusive, there is no lock-incontract, you are free to leave as you please and most importantly, you retain100% of your rights to the music (something that we here at 60Sox feel verystrongly about). 

So, go these guys and goindependent music!




MEGA - the Mobile EnterpriseGrowth Alliance

mega - applications open now for artists, programmers and producers (Mlb& Syd only)

  • Want to learn more about the mobile industry?
  • Want to learn how to apply your skills to thus huge growth area?
  • mega - the 'mobile enterprise growth alliance' can help.

Led by Australia's finestinternationally-successful industry experts, you'll be taken through a seriesof workshops giving you an in-depth understanding of where the mobile industryis today, where it's heading and how you can be a part of it.


Join as a individual, join as agroup, get your employee uptospeed to extend you business' capabilities orbring in an idea you'd like to develop further - both content and applications.


Teams will have successful mentorsand their ideas groomed by industry experts before a pitch to investors in Julywho are looking for new ideas to support. May 5th deadline for applicants. (Scholarships available)


Win $1000 60Sox Survey 

The 60Sox Survey is now online - doit and you could win yourself a quiet thousand bucks! Why should youbother? Because if you're someone who is trying to get work in the creativeindustries (particularly the digital content industries) of Australia and New Zealand, 60Sox is trying tohelp. 

Our pledge:

Giveus 25 mins of your time now and we'll

spendthe next two years trying to get you a cool job.

Our primary goal is to help theinternational competitiveness of the OZ/NZ region and every survey counts.Please do the 60SoxSurvey now! Go, on, we'll even give you an ice-cream!


60Sox takes to the road!

Thanks to those of you who haveattended talks so far on the 60Sox project - the feedback has been wicked, likethe hottie evil queen from Sleeping Beauty.

We are currently arranging timeswith several Unis, TAFEs and colleges around Australia to discuss "Lifeafter Graduation" with final year students of creative studies. We were inPerth last week and give special thanks to Cam and Michael at Curtin, Linda at Edith Cowan and Reeceat Murdoch. 

If you'd like a special presentationat your place of study, let us know and we'll seewhat we can do! 

See ya soon!!




Whoo-hoo - we made it -even with the rain coming down and the bridge into town going under ... 2008,it's gunna be a BIGGIE!

Do Well - An EdgewareConference

If you are anywhere nearSouth East Qld late next month, the 60Sox Teamstrongly recommends you check this conference out. If your plans are not to benear SEQld late next month, change 'em!  Do Well is an exchange platform.It offers a blend of contributions from successful, inspiring entrepreneurs,hands-on peer workshops facilitated by entrepreneurs with expertise and experiencein a specific field, stories of struggle and triumph, and social events.Edgeware totally, totally rocks. Take some time to check the Do Well Conferenceout - it'll be worth it.


Your Portfolio

Here's a majikal 60Soxrecipe which you may not yet know. Take the domain name '', add aslash and the word 'portfolio', finish it with a slash and your username'honcho'. Voila! Portfolio-URL a la 60Sox!! Simple, and perfect for those balmy summerevenings.



23rd November, (yearimmediately prior to the Sainters winning the Grand Final) 2007

Bunch 'o Fab FunkyFunctions!!

Dudes!! You'll be pleasedas punch to learn that we've added some very special new bits on 60Sox to helpyou get your freak on.


You can now send all themessages you want to all the Soxters you love. Once you're signed in, on topof  every page with an individual's work you'll see the alluring image ofan envelope. Click this and go nuts. Time to Message-it-up big time!! Checkyour inbox for your love letters! (You'll find links to your Inbox under 'MySox' on left hand nav and at bottom of all pages).


Got the eye for aparticular Soxter? Want to be notified when they add new stuff? Same deal withthe Message icon, on the top right hand side of every page which displays anindividual's work you'll see an oh-so-tantalising image of an eye. Watch anyoneyou want and manage it all through your Watchlist which you'll find a link tounder 'My Sox' and the bottom of each page. C'mon, let's get oh-so-peepy ...


Always dreamed ofbuilding-up your own intergalactic world of 60Sox goodness? Now, through thewonders of technology, you can!! Every time you come across something ticklin'your Soxy fancy, tag it as a Fave with the little love heart ion the top rightcorner. Click on it and "BANG!" in it goes to your own bucket ofinnovation & inspiration.

60 Sox & 60 Soxters

Love a bit of random? Geta quick dose of new work (60 Sox) or new dudes (60 Soxters) and let the universe work itout.

Hmmmm, 60Sox, you've doneit again. 

Can u .Net?

We *so* need .Netters. Ifyou can code in .Net and can spare some of your time, we want you. We've gotanother position going for someone with rad .Net skills to help us build more60Sox goodness. Interested? Drop us a line through technical support


later ...





Hey, I can see the endof the year from here, but it's kinda chokkas ...

Welcome folks! Thanks verymuch for the feedback and keep it coming in. 60Sox continues to grow everyday -remember to tell you friends if you like 60Sox because we are not spending onadvertising or marketing - relying simply of word of mouth to get the word outthere, so if you like what you ... passit on !

Digital Foundry - Makea Job / Get a Job (Brisneyland)

We're hosting our firstever event this Friday (26th Oct) at QUT's Creative Industries Precinct!! Ifyou live in SE Qld and want to know what it's like to run your own creativecompany or want to find out from leading industry professionals what it takesto stands out and get hired, come along. It's free and it'll be cool. 2pm -5.30 La Boite Roundhouse Theatre, Kelvin Grove. We're focusing on the Design,Gaming, Advertising, Music and Film industries. Register here . 

SPAA Fringe Festival (Sydney)

This week sees the 2007SPAA (Screen Producer's Association of Australia) Fringe festival kick off inPaddington, Sydney. It's not too late to get tickets andif you want to meet one of us from 60Sox, you're welcome to attend a Roundtabletalk they've asked us to present this Saturday (27th Oct) at 1PM. Also, be sureto check out Brendan Cook (the creator Goyte's 'Heart's a Mess' awesomeanimated video clip - and a he's a 60Sox 2bobmobster). He's doing a Keynote, a Roundtable at 11AM on the Saturday and One-on-Onediscussions. Check out the program here

Games Connect AsiaPacific - Games Industry Conference (Melbourne)

Another biggie is theupcoming huge Games Conference being hosted by the Games DevelopmentAssociation of Australia between the 15th & 17th of November. You canregister hereand come to see us present info about the 60Sox project as part of theConference's special Skills Forum on the Thursday afternoon from 1.30. Yourippa! 

Wanna do somethingSoxish in your city? Let us know!

Because the lot of us area bunch of dead set legends and massively creative, there's alwaysopportunities for creative folk to hook-up, collaborate on new work and gettheir stuff out there. If you reckon you've got an idea for getting somethingtogether in your neck of the woods that 60Sox could help with, let us know. Even if you'd like ot volunteer some of your time to stuff we're up to, we'dlove to hear from you! YeeBah!



Recipes - we need recipes!:) Cheers!



Blowing smoke

10 Sep 07

Want to find out whatcooking in the 60Sox Gumbo? This is where to look.
“The Honcho” (a mythical spokesperson requisite for any web community) willkeep you and yours Soxily informed. The Honchowelcomes questions, advice, feedback, recipes …

Great Guns
Having pushed Stage 1 of 60Sox live just over a month ago now, we’ve had agreat response and recently had the 500th item uploaded to the network (andthis is without any launch). Psssst … passit on…

Quik Stix - The 2bobmob awaits
We are just about to release the first lot of great work to our 2bomobsters fortheir comments. If you’ve got work you’d like leaders in your industry to giveyou their opinion on, upload it quick sticks.

Stage 2 Cometh
We have a team of electronically-gifted gnomes beavering awaylike possessed wild things in a secret underground location creatingfunctionality for 60Sox that will make you want to part your hair on the sideand wear your best slacks. This includes WatchLists, Favourites, Communicationbetween members and much more (you know what gnomes are like). Watch thisspace.

Constructive Feedback
Don’t be shy to give advice to your fellow members. Infact be brash! If youknow a cool way of doing something, or have worked out stuff that might helpsomeone else, we encourage you to let them know. Helpful communication likethis on 60Sox will help us ALL get better at what we do. (Go and giveconstructive feedback on 6 pieces right now and win a free gnome!)

Digital Foundry
If you’re in SE Qld and keen to find out what it takes to start your ownbusiness or what to learn how to make yourself stand out, come along for freeand hang-out with us honkies on Oct 26th. You gotta register. (IncludesIndustry Legends & FREE BEER !).

General Gist
In case you’ve missed it… there’s so many people doing great quality creativework in Aust & NZ and yet, industry claims a skills shortage. Weird. Peoplelooking for creative skills can find them at 60Sox. And people on 60Sox cansharpen their skills, learn new stuff and find better ways to build their ownbusiness or get a job. (See About ).

Bless ya cotton Sox!
Check back here each time you visit 60Sox for more tasty morsels of creative goodness.