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  • in: Horsfield Bay NSW
  • Soxter 'since: 28 Jul 09

?I wanted to make an album that was heavily layered so you could get lost in the music the more times you listened to the songs. I wanted to take the listener on a journey and explore themes of change.?

Tracy Redhead?s album ?Walking Home A Different Way? is a beguiling and seductive exploration of disconnection and uncertainty. Produced by Tim Powles of ?The Church?, the music is enveloping.

?I wanted the album to have a dark 80s feel underneath a fresh sound and chose to work with Tim because I love his music and producing style. I demo?d the arrangements in my home studio with a lot of lead melodies, synth sounds and arranged the string parts. Tim added amazing parts to the songs and showed me how to bring out the best in a recording. I feel satisfied and proud of the recordings and feel they captured something really special.?

Tracy has solid music heritage. ?My father was a DJ on a soul and Motown pirate radio station in London in the early 70s so I grew up listening to that music. When I was a teenager, I got into the alternative/grunge scene and loved bands like Nirvana and PJ Harvey. And then I got into electronic music. So I have a really diverse range of influences.??

Her decision to seriously pursue music happened at 19 when she busked around Australia. Since then, her distinctive style and talent have seen collaborations with well-known musicians including John Butler and Brian Ritchie from ?The Violent Femmes?.

?Walking Home A Different Way? is released by label Perfect Sun owned by UK ex-pat Richard Roberts who signed PJ Harvey and Stereolab. ?This is one of those records that captures the essence of what a great modern, pop record should be. It?s easily accessible without compromising Tracy?s vision or integrity. I'm incredibly proud to be involved in the making of it.? Distribution is nationally via Inertia.

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