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The 60Sox network is open to people who are over 18 years old
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Nobody reads terms and conditions of websites before they join, so to help you keep a quick summary at hand of all the best bits of ours, we present to you the following 60Sox Terms Highlights. You could even write them out and stick them on your fridge.

Please scroll down and read the summarised terms and hit 'I Accept' button.

60Sox has been created to try to help emerging creative practitioners find work.

It is collaboration between the Australian Research Council (ARC), the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), TAFESA, the Queensland Government, the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA), the Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts and the Southbank Institute of Technology.

To join with us you agree that:

1. 60Sox is a user-moderated site and we don't veto stuff before it goes live. If you find something which you deem inappropriate, let us know. (But don't pay-out on everything).

2. If you upload stuff to 60Sox that you reckon may not be appropriate for people under 18, make sure you let us know. 

3. Don't rip people's stuff off unless they are happy for you to do so. All material on 60Sox has a license clearly attributed to it. Please respect it. If you are after a hi-res version or source code of something you find on 60Sox we urge you to contact the creator directly to obtain it.

4. It is a condition of 60Sox that whatever content a member uploads has to be either owned by you or you must have permission from the owners to use it in your portfolio. We do not warrant that the content available on the site does not infringe any other person’s intellectual property rights (but we'll give it our best shot). If you find something on the site you think might infringe on copyright, we urge you to let us know.

5. We're all a bunch of dead-set mates who want to learn from each other and get better at what we do. So, we don't hassle each other here and if you want to upload Dodgy stuff, do it somewhere else. (By 'Dodgy' we mean abusive, sexist, racist, threatening, defamatory, vilifying, harassing, obscene, offensive, or otherwise wrongful or illegal material).

6. We can chuck you off anytime we want. None of the material that might have been online at any one time will necessarily be available some other time and we might not even store it somewhere. We are allowed to delete whatever we want whenever we want for whatever reason. (Just because we might have to).

7. Keep a copy of your original work, because we might accidentally lose it. (But we promise we'll try not to). 

8. You maintain the ownership of anything you upload to 60Sox. You get to choose what license you want to apply to everything you upload to the network. However, notwithstanding the type and terms of licence you choose, you agree to the following: 

a) You don't upload something you didn't create or that you don't have rights over. 

b) You'll let us use your work to promote the network.

c) If we have an opportunity to sell you work we won't do so unless we have your permission. 

9. The info you give us about yourself has to be true and will remain so while you're a member.

10. Don't give out your password ever, ever, ever.

11. We're allowed to contact you sometimes to let you know about cool stuff.

12. To the extent permitted by law, we do not accept any liability (including liability due to negligence) to you or any person for any loss or damage incurred as a result of accessing the site, any of the content on the site, or uploading content to the site. Any liability that cannot be legally excluded is limited to the maximum extent possible. 

13. The Website is based in Queensland, so our local laws stick.

14. We won't tell anyone anything about you, unless they brandish sticks and other pointed instruments of threateningness.

15. We might have to change these terms from time to time. We'll try to let you know, but it's your responsibility to know what current terms you've agreed to for being part of the 60Sox network.

16. We just want to make a space where creative folk can enjoy displaying their work, get quality feedback and - hopefully - help them get a job. It's up to all of us to make that happen.

60Sox strongly recommends that you make yourself familiar with the full "Terms and Conditions"
# NB: You don't really get free ice-creams every day. This was a stupid thing to write.