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Terms and Conditions

60Sox is a collaboration between the Australian Research Council, Queensland University of Technology, TAFE SA, the Queensland Government, the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association, Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts and the Southbank Institute of Technology (individually and collectively, and including any other person who participates in the 60Sox project or any successor project, whether in addition to any of the named parties, or in substitution for any of them, ‘us’).

By accessing the 60Sox Web site you agree to the following terms:

Material on the site

1. We do not necessarily endorse or approve any of the content on the site.

2. Some of the content on the site may be unsuitable for people younger than 18. Although some of the unsuitable content may be so labelled, some may not be. We take no responsibility for any content that has not been appropriately labelled.

3. The site has mechanisms allowing the moderation of content by users who view content. If you become a member and discover any offensive material, you are asked to alert Site Administrators through the use of the ‘Dodgy’ button which appears on all pages of the site and provide a reason why you find the item offensive. You agree to appropriately and reasonably use the mechanisms provided on the site.

4. The content on the site is protected by intellectual property laws. A licence for each piece of content will be indicated by the author/creator. If you wish to use content downloaded from the site otherwise than in accordance with the author’s licence, you may need the approval of the author of the content.

This is a matter between you and the author of the content: we are not obliged to assist you in contacting, or negotiating with, the author of content on the site. 

5. We do not warrant that the content available on the site does not infringe any other person’s intellectual property rights. 

Communication services

6. You warrant that you will not send abusive, threatening, defamatory, vilifying, harassing, obscene, offensive, or otherwise wrongful or illegal material using any communication services provided on the site. 

Uploading material to the site

7. We have the right to remove the content you upload to the site at any time. We do not guarantee that the content you upload will be available for viewing, listening to, streaming or downloading by any person, or at any time. In particular, we do not guarantee that your content will remain stored or accessible on the site. 

We may delete, or make (temporarily or permanently) inaccessible, content uploaded by you at any time and for any reason. 

8. We do not warrant that we will archive, back up, or continue to store content uploaded by you to the site. You should keep a copy of any content uploaded by you. 

9. All copyright for content which you place on the 60Sox Web site shall remain the property of you.  At the time of adding your content to the 60Sox Web site, you will nominate the type of licence which will apply to your content.  However, notwithstanding the type and terms of licence you choose, you agree to the following: 

a) You warrant that you are the sole copyright owner of the content or have received permission from all copyright owners to upload the content to be used in accordance with these terms of use, that the content is original and that it does not breach any copyright law;

b) From the date of adding the content to the 60Sox website, you agree to allow the 60Sox collaboration, in association with key partners, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual and irrevocable rights (including the rights to assign and sublicense) to use the content for the purposes of this site, including promotional and research purposes, as stated in 9c;

c) You agree to permit the reproduction, communication, publication, adaptation and performance of the content for the purposes of operating, maintaining and preserving the 60Sox Web site. You also agree to permit the reproduction, communication, publication, adaptation and performance of the content as part of promotional and research material such as brochures, flyers, posters, websites, articles etc;

d) You agree to allow the 60Sox collaboration and/or key partners to select whole or part of the content to be used, including but not limited to, use digitally for inclusion on the 60Sox website.

e) Should we want to use the content for any other purpose than those purposes outlined in this Term 9, we will first obtain your consent. 

10. You acknowledge that future 60Sox participants may be commercial organisations and, in the future, 60Sox may be continued as a commercial enterprise. The licence in Term 9 extends to the owners and operators from time to time of 60Sox and the 60Sox Web site. 

11. As any content that you upload to the site may be seen by people younger than 18, you warrant that you will appropriately label any content that may be unsuitable for viewing by people younger than 18. 

12. You warrant that the content you upload to the site does not infringe any other person’s intellectual property rights including, in particular, copyright and trade marks. 

13. You warrant that the content you upload to the site is not illegal including, in particular, that it is not defamatory, harassing, obscene, or vilifying of any race, religion, or ethnicity. 


14. If you join the site by applying for an account and obtaining a password, the following terms also apply:

(a) you warrant that the information you supply in applying for an account (eg, your name, your age, your email address) is accurate;

(b) you must keep the information associated with your account accurate;

(c) you must keep your password secret;

(d) you agree that we may send you emails (and/or SMS messages) from time to time, including emails with commercial content. 

Indemnity and disclaimer

15. If you breach the warranties in terms 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, or 14 you indemnify us against any loss that we may suffer, or any expense we may incur, in connection with your breach of warranty. 

16. To the extent permitted by law, we do not accept any liability (including liability due to negligence) to you or any person for any loss or damage incurred as a result of accessing the site, any of the content on the site, or uploading content to the site. Any liability that cannot be legally excluded is limited to the maximum extent possible. 

Termination of access

17. We can terminate your access to the site at any time, for any reason (including breach of these terms). Your continued access to the site is in our absolute discretion. 

Application of Queensland law

18. You agree that any legal issues in connection with your access to the site will be considered under the law in effect in Queensland, Australia, and you irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of courts in Queensland. 

Use of personal information

19. Any personally identifiable information collected about you will be held in accordance with the 60Sox privacy policy

Amendment of terms

20. We may amend these terms from time to time. These amendments shall be effective upon posting on the 60Sox Web site. Your continued use of the site after the terms have been posted indicates your acceptance of the amendments. You must frequently check these terms to see whether they have been amended.